October 3, 2015


The Father is an important part of the family and is missing in many homes.

Substance abuse not only affects the individual but their family and community. Families are being torn apart by addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. The motivation for many crimes in communities can be linked to substance abuse. The Turning Point of Chester has been on the front lines for 20+ years in providing a place for men who have decided to turn their lives around by giving up their addictions.

We rely on community support through volunteerism, in-kind donations and financial contributions to fund the program. The program provides shelter for the Men in the program, transportation and referral to counseling services for each client. It is a 90 day program and individuals are assigned a Mentor to work with them during their stay at the Men’s Home. The Turning Point is a Non-profit Christian based organization. Your contributions make it possible to provide hope to the families whose hope is that their love one will make the turn to a better life.

Make a tax deductible donation today by mailing your check or money order to: The Turning Point of Chester, P. O. Box 1532, Chester, SC 29706.